Hi, Ryan here. Welcome to my digital playground where I create, think, write, and ramble on occasion. 

My love for writing began in third grade with a simple assigment to write a story on any subject of our choosing. I wrote about Sir Ryan Pelton and his adventures as prince in a Camelot type setting. I was hooked. I never looked back. 

My love for writing has opened doors on a variety of projects. I've written numerous devotional guides for use in church retreat/camp settings. Built out massive procedure and policy manuals for non-profits. And, now, with the advent of indie publishing and the ebook revlolution, I've written and published twelve nonfiction and fiction books in a variety of genres, with no end in sight.

In December 2016, I launched a podcast dedicated to writing fast, often, and well. It's called The Prolific Writer and hopes to inspire the aspiring author and seasoned vet to crank out the words, quality words mind you, and share their work with the world. We interview some of the most prolific writers on the planet and learn from their stories. 

For the last eight years, I've pastored and led a beautiful congregation in Kansas City, Missouri. If you didn't notice from my books, I write all over the map. Christian nonfiction and fiction in a variety of genres. I am who I am, and want to tell good stories, and not try to squeeze them into any specific genre. 

Most importantly, I'm a family man with a gorgeous wife of sixteen years, and three boys (10, 6, 2), who keep me on my toes.

You can find me most days plowing through a neverending reading pile, and trying to figure out life under the sun. 

Thanks for stopping by! Send me a note, and let me know who you are, and what you're working on. Love to hear from you!