Are Millenials Narcissistic and Entitled? And other dumb questions...

I live in the borderland of Generation X and Millennials depending where you create the divide. Some say anyone born from 1980–2000 are Millennial and Gen X are mid 60’s to 1979, possibly early 80’s. The lines might overlap but the conversation is hot.

A lot of ink spilled on the current generation of Millennials because they are the largest grouping of people in the U.S. alone (80 million). Study after study exploring the work habits, use of technology, and trying to answer the question of all questions:

Is this the most lazy, entitled, and narcissistic generation ever?

I think it’s a stupid question because how can you measure? The moment you think you’re humble and not a narcissist, you are one.

But for sake of argument… Did the generation raised on a heavy dose of self-esteem parenting, Internet, cable, social media, video games, and a plethora of electronic devices become a selfish bunch of entitled narcissistic brats?

Yes, and no. It hurt that Millennials were given trophies for showing up, and told how they were a prince, special snowflake, princess, and could do no wrong. Many dowsed with self-esteem parenting, which created entitled men and women entering the workforce believing they are awesome, and should be promoted every year.

I don’t remember participation trophies and learned a ton from failure. And heard more:

Suck it up, put dirt on it, brush it off, life is hard, son. I didn’t get timeouts and opportunities to “think about what I did.”

Spankings the weapon of choice.

These factors didn’t help cultivate a humble and hardworking spirit instead of an entitled one. But who’s to say Boomer’s are any less narcissistic. More toys and debt than any other generation in history. Hunger for power and control (fun fact: current President a Boomer). A generation who divorced and remarried at a high clip.

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