Confidence is Overrated

Confidence is overrated. Confidence is developed with doing something many times over. We don't need confidence. We need courage. -Debbie Millman

Confident people are often arrogant and annoying. Hiding from insecurities, pain, and fear. What we need are courageous people. People willing to do the hard  and right thing. Say the hard things, live in the dark places, and willing to be a nobody and unnoticed. 

Confidence can be learned with repetition, time, and effort. Courage takes confidence in something other than ourselves. A willingness to go it alone, suffer loss, and be misunderstood.

Courage is more gut, heart, and art.

Confidence is formal, cold, and scientific. 

Confidence can be an illusion and masked with fear of showing our true self.

Courage is humble and in full embrace of weakness. An open book. Willing to learn new things and consider other perspectives. A willingness to stand in the gap when the future uncertain. 

Confident people know the future and they always win. Confident people have it all figured out and were done learning long ago. 

Confidence is overrated. Confident people are annoying.

Be courageous.