Option One Versus Option Two People

 When you thwart what’s real about you in order to keep creating content for financial need, you’re just not gonna make it. You’re not gonna keep going. You have your number. It’s very dangerous to be liked by more people than should like you. It’s bad for them, and it’s bad for you. There’s gonna be a shock down the road for them, or you’re gonna dilute yourself and take yourself to a place where you can’t live with who you are. I think that you make an honest account of who you are and you live with the results. The results will be appropriate to who you are… If you’re saying things just to piss people off, then I don’t know why do it. If you’re saying things just to please people, that’s a short-lived victory. But if you just say the things you believe, and the things you like to say, and that mean something to you — if you stay close to the gut — then everything will work itself out. -Louis C.K.

Two options: 

  1. We say things to piss people off.
  2. We say things we believe in... and mean something to us.

Option one is easy and takes little art or effort. 

Option two is hard and marked with fear and insecurity. Speaking from conviction requires us to come out of hiding.

Most people find option two... too much work. Easier to do option one and go along with the crowd.

The closer we live with option two the greater chance we’ll be heard.

Option one people burn out when no one left to upset.

Option two people who speak with conviction can still be perceived as option one people. It often comes with the territory.  

Be an option two person.