Fail Fast and Often

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein

Often failure is seen as a bad thing. I think it’s a gift. An opportunity to learn, grow, adjust, and change. 

Einstein is right… You can’t discover new things, and succeed, if you aren’t willing to fail.

The church planter who had nine people in attendance their first Sunday. Church closed down a few months later. He started another church and it’s one of the most influential churches in the area. 

Stephen King writes dozens of stories and never gets one published. He throws an unfinished novel in the trash and his wife discovers it. She reads it, makes him finish, and it becomes his first bestselling book called Carrie

A group of well intentioned people serve donuts to migrant workers before they head to work. They realize donuts are not their favorite and make breakfast burritos instead. 

A husband wants to make his wife happy and discovers she doesn’t like flowers; and would rather spend quality time together. Time instead of gifts.

The over-zealous disciple Peter tries to cut off an ear of a solider. Jesus rebukes him and explains that’s not what the Kingdom of God is about. Forgiveness not violence.

Most people play it safe because they don’t want to make a mistake. Failure and mistakes are never the last say. Mistakes are a gift to discover new things, change course, try new angles, and consider new ideas.

Those who make the most mistakes always have the most successes. 

Who knows… you might discover something new about God, deepen your marriage, create a piece of art for the world to enjoy, or start a ministry/business that impacts a community. 

You’ll never know until you fail.