Gospel Math and Dealing with Post-Easter Ordinary

The joy of Good Friday and Easter linger in my mind and heart. A work of a pastor never done and the relief of preparation behind me. The joy of spending time with family, friends, and church family, bringing me a smile.

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But, what now? How do we keep going living on this side of Resurrection and waiting for the return of the King? In the often absurd, mundane, and normalcy of life, and marriage and kids and shopping and eating and reading. Where can we find hope?

Gospel math. 

Three words on Good Friday and three words on Easter sum up the point and purpose of the universe. They summarize the reason for evil and sin and pain and sorrow and the hope of salvation and redemption and justice and hope. These words familiar in the English language, and if you are not an English speaker, they are probably not hard to translate into your native tongue. 

What are the six simple words and why is this gospel math?

It is finished… (John 19:30)
…he has risen… (Mark 16:6)

The three simple words of Jesus from the cross putting an end to the mission. A mission of life and death and atoning for sins and making a way back to the Father and the Garden-City.

Three words of resurrection mouthed from an angel comforting the confused and fearful disciples. Words of life and resurrection and new creation. He is risen indeed!

Gospel math are six simple words. In these six words are more life and complexity and truth than the universe could hold. 

The post-resurrection hangover is real because we often look for the dazzling and the pomp and circumstance and the euphoria of sentimentality and miracles. 

But when life is hard and sin is real and death seems near we are comforted with gospel math. You don’t need a PHD or a seminary degree to find great hope and comfort and grace in the words of “it is finished” and “he has risen.”

When like the disciples at the cross and tomb and fear and doubt are real… we marvel at Gospel math of it is finished and he has risen.

When we doubt the love of God and we work our self-salvation project to the ground and need relief… it is finished. 

When we wonder if God can forgive the sin that I love to commit and are really good at… it is finished. 

When the world is dark and it seems evil is winning and death is around the corner… he has risen.

When our bodies are in pain and healing is our only hope of relief… he has risen.

When we are back stabbed and misunderstood and wonder if love will ever come… it is finished… he has risen. 

Gospel math is the life breath and sustainer of the ordinary and mundane and pain of life. Gospel math is what will sustain us now and for a lifetime. 

Say it with me… it is finished… he has risen!

Feel the grace come and watch the darkness removed. 

Not because life is any better in the moment… it might get worse. But because our object of hope and faith and love is not in the words alone. They are in the person of Jesus and his actions. 

He didn’t only say he loved us… and he didn’t only say he’d put the world back to rights. He showed it with nailed pieced hands and a new resurrected body. Jesus doesn’t make promises he can’t keep.

Gospel math is what we need for today, tomorrow, and the future. Gospel math is how we know the love of the Father and not in ethereal ways. A love rooted in history and experience because of six simple words. Six simple words that changed the course of history and the future of God’s people.

It is finished… and…

He has risen… changed everything. 

Thanks be to the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ!