How would you describe Christianity?

How would you describe Christianity or a Christian? 

People who attend church. Say their prayers. Try to be good. Vote Republican. Help the needy. Do “church stuff.” You can fill in the rest how you like. 

What if the essence of Christianity were none of these things? Regardless of the picture painted by fellow Christians and churches you’ve attended or heard about. 

Try this on:

A Cosmic Party of Grace. 

Well, you won’t find the exact wording in the Bible. But you’ll find a close picture dripping from beginning to end.


In Matthew twenty two, Jesus tells a parable describing what the world looks like when God shows up. When the Son rules and reigns in hearts, churches, and communities.

Jesus describes history as moving toward an unshakable Kingdom.

A Kingdom that's a Cosmic Party of Grace.

Jesus gives more details... The Kingdom of God is like a King who throws a wedding party for his son. It’s what good father’s do. The King so loves the Son, and is so proud of him, he brings in the best food, drink, and invites everyone he knows. Which is a ton of people. 

Sadly, the first batch of guests are not interested. Not only are they not interested, they kill the servants, who came to hand deliver the invitations. No amount food, drink, dancing, or grace, would sway these folks from participating in the Cosmic Party of Grace.

The King takes care of the murderers because that's what just Kings do. While you might think the king would cancel the party, or postpone it for another day. He does nothing of the sorts. He loves the son too much.

He invites another group of people to the party to feast, eat, drink, and dance with joy. The King will not let the fine foods and drinks go to waste. That would be a shame. He searches far and wide to bring in people who will accept the invitation. The King has planned the party, sent the invitations, and provided all the food.

All the guests need to do is say: yes.

It’s important to note the second group of people were a rag tag bunch. Some good and some bad. Some rich and some poor. So the King provides garments for all the guests so they need not feel awkward about how nice, or lack thereof; their clothes might be. 

One detail is important to note. A man comes into the party uninvited and not wearing the garments. I guess he thought he could do the party on his own terms and that would be fine. 

Well the King didn’t like his attitude and kicked him out into the darkness. You don’t come to a King full of pride and on your own terms. You come humbly and with honor.

If we listen with a close ear Jesus is onto something. The Kingdom of God is not a good ole boys club for the initiated and like-minded. Jesus’ family is not for the put together, famous, and elite of society. 

The parties Jesus throws are not for those fixed up, good, and have it all together. Nobody throws a party like Jesus.


He does it all. You don’t need to bring drinks, food, or money… he has the best. 

You need not worry if your clothes are from Saks Fifth Avenue or Walmart. Jesus will clothe you with the finest garments. 

The party Jesus is throwing is not for the prideful, arrogant, and strong. It’s for the weak who acknowledge their neediness. 

You might have particular pictures of Christianity and what it means to follow Jesus. But I’m going with a God who throws the best parties for the undeserving and uniformed and uninitiated. 

Where the King sends the invites, supplies the food, and only asks you RSVP with a simple: yes.