Ministry of Competence and 3 Questions for Finding Your Next Job

Timothy Keller in Every Good Endeavor argues for the ministry of competence. It’s not enough to desire work that gives prestige, significance, financial benefits, and acclaim (I’m looking at you Google, Apple, Facebook). You need competence for the work. 

Many young people coming out of high school are not asking hard questions about calling, vocation, and the purpose of work. They are pushed along by a cultural ethos laden with assumptions that college will help them figure out their calling, cultivate virtue, and shape well-rounded humans for the marketplace and service to the world. Wrong.

Most conversations around college and vocation predicated on what degree program will make the most money, which field of expertise will garner the applause of parents, friends, our faith communities, and future spouse. 

Case in point… the amount of blue collar jobs neglected for the perceived “sexiness” of white-collar work in technology or knowledge-based fields. Despite some of these trade and skill positions offering six figures with no degree required. Something to consider. 

But more often than not people go into work not suited for their temperament, gifts, abilities, and passions. In a few short years they are looking for a new career and often more schooling. 

Any hope?

The ministry of competence can be of help. Asking pointed questions can be of service too. When considering vocation and calling “know thy self” is an important axiom for finding satisfying and pleasurable work where we can make a difference. 

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