More Prophets Less Pundits

“We can sit and watch the Twitter feed, critiquing the methods, models, and ministries of others; from the comfort of our couches we can speculate how it could be done better. We can devise all kinds of theories, read all the right books, engage in online debate, blog our opinions, yet the whole time be disconnected from having skin in the game. Even when our hearts are for God’s Kingdom, if we are not careful we can find ourselves critiquing from the sidelines of God’s activity within history. There is a world of difference between pundits and prophets” Mark Sayers (Facing Leviathan pp. 157).

The challenge is a pundit can look like a prophet. But when you follow the trail of their emails, money, time, and actions, the things they despise, are not remedied with humble correction and action.  

No skin in the game. 

It’s easier to be pundit than a prophet. You only need a laptop and the ability to hit send. 

Sayers is on to something. And this idea can be applied in a variety of contexts.

Who are the pundits in politics? Those who claim to care about veterans and the poor while giving nothing to either. 

Who are the pundits in the arts? The writer who talks about the craft and never finishes or publishes anything. 

Who are the pundits in the church? The pastor who calls his people to seek God and never has time to pray. A church member who has an answer for every theological inquiry, yet, has no time to pray, and doesn’t know how to love their neighbor. 

Who are the pundits in the academy? The professor who preaches tolerance and gives no time a day to the Christian and their opinion. 

Who are the pundits in business? Those who sell you their product and don’t use it themselves. 

Who are the pundits in the fight of justice? Those who talk about ending racism and yet don’t listen to the minority community. Have all the answers. Pundits refuse to live among those who they claim to care about. 

It’s easier to be a pundit than a prophet. Pundits aren’t required to sacrifice. Can change the world from their social media feed. Pundits love to tear down walls with never adding a brick of their own. No skin in the game. 

Pundits may yell the loudest. But actions speak louder than words. 

Don’t be a pundit. Be a solution to the problems you see… and stop adding to the noise. 

Be prophetic with your actions.