Thoughts on Suffering (video)

Today is a mix of emotion. St. Patrick's Day and the death of my daughter will always hold hands. Hard to celebrate with green beer when I'm brought back to a hard year of life. Eight years ago my second child Samantha passed into heaven after living three and a half days.

The almost four days of kisses, snuggles, and late night prayers, will always be in my heart. Time does heal but the sorrow ebbs and flows. Sometimes it feels like it all happened yesterday and other days a lifetime ago. 

I created a short video to share some of our story and talk about suffering. I know many believe sufferings is pointless and proves God is not loving. I address the issue and hope you are encouraged and consider what I say.  

God is good and does comfort his people. I am thankful for his strength and support of his church through the years. Be safe!