What is vocational stewardship?

Dr. Amy L. Sherman defines vocational stewardship as:

The intentional and strategic deployment of our vocational power, knowledge, platforms, networks, position, influence, skills and reputation- to advance foretastes of God’s kingdom.

The average adult spends 45 hours a week working a job. Most people will spend 40% of their waking hours doing a form of labor. 

Vocational stewardship suggests one of the primary opportunities for missional living for the common good of our cities will happen in our vocations. A major player in loving our neighbors and maturing in Christ will happen at work.

How can the church do a better job of equipping and training their people into seeing work as an essential pathway for discipleship and mission? 

Where are everyday disciples of Jesus, “sent ones,” (John 20:21) leveraging their skills, influence, reputation, platforms, and networks for showing foretastes of the Kingdom through their work?

Why is mission work only relegated to pastors, elders, evangelists, and church planters? Why aren’t bakers, lawyers, engineers, designers, salesman, and managers, deployed and sent into the marketplace for the same purposes? 

Are we reversing the solid teaching of the Reformers which ended the sacred/secular dichotomy of calling and vocation?

I don’t think so. But we need to be careful.