What is Work For?

Work is the form in which we make ourselves useful to others. -Lester DeKoster (Work: The Meaning of Your Life)

Imagine a day if people stopped working? Trash would pile up in the yard because the trash man took a vacation. You go to catch the bus for work and the driver is missing. A family gathers around the table to eat a meal… but wait. There’s no food because the farmer is napping, the truck driver to deliver the produce to a grocer is on siesta, and your local grocery store is a ghost town. 

You get the picture. 

Do you realize how important your work is for others? You may complain about your wage, not enough vacation time, and boss a pain in the neck. Yet, your work and vocation is an opportunity to be useful to others. 

Think about it the next time you travel. Someone had to open the airport, fuel the plane, and take your money to buy a ticket. When you drive across town, or country, someone paved the roads, cleared the trees for a highway, and designed a vehicle for your family to make it across America safely.

When you drive across a bridge, receive service for fixing the car or a tooth, work is involved. Image-bearers of God made by their Creator to create and cultivate products, services, art, and relationships for the good of others. 

Work is good. Work is for the good of others.