"You Can Do More" Days 6-10: Run for Africa

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June 26th - July 1

July 1, happy birthday to me. I know you don’t care thirty eight years ago I came into the world. Fun fact: today is Canada’s birthday. The Canadians care about my birth. Anyway… back to the running.

My week of training full of schedule conflict and fits and starts. Monday was fine, headed to the gym on my day off, saw my old lady friend rocking the treadmill with ease, andran/walk for twenty-five minutes. Hit weights for another thirty.

Tuesday was another early run at the YMCA, no problems. Thirty minutes of walking. 

Wednesday thrown off with a child waking up in the middle of the night. I chose extra sleep instead of running. But, no fear. I did an afternoon run. Not a good idea. It’s like when you work all day your body says: no thank you. I felt sluggish, and the run was like carrying weights on your ankles. Difficult to push through for twenty-five minute run/walk. 

Not sure if afternoons/evenings will be a thing into the future. The mornings are my jam… for now…maybe… who knows… I’m not a runner.

So today, I found myself in Oklahoma at my folks lake house. Good people.

A Fourth of July and birthday tradition for many years. We take the family to get some R and R and enjoy Grand Lake. Being committed to this whole half marathon thing, and running for clean water in Africa thing, which is awesome, I needed to run.

Got up early, laced the Nike’s, and headed out into the rural landscape of Oklahoma. A beautiful morning with crisp cool air and lush scenery. 

Caught up in the beautiful landscape and feeling good… I did something crazy. Threw out the planned training regime and just ran. I was supposed to run for two minutes and walk for one, for thirty five minutes. Guess what I did?

I ran for thirty minutes straight. No stops, no walks, nothing. I did it, people. First time in a long time I’d run that long and far without stopping. You can laugh it’s run. Remember… not a runner.

My entire run today was 3.5 miles of running, with some walking at the end. A thirty eight minute run. 

I was so concerned with following the plan I forgot one important ingredient: pushing yourself further. Seeing what your body and mind can handle.

Life is that way. You live by a set playbook and never push beyond what you think is possible. You listen to voices that tell you: you’re too old, too fat, not smart enough, and “people” like you don’t do that kind of stuff.

I’m not saying my training plan is flawed. But I want to test the waters outside the boundary wall. You never know what you might find, and you never know how amazing it may be. 

That’s what I did.

I ran for thirty minutes. Could I do it? Who knows? I haven’t run over three miles in years without stopping. But you have to push.  See what you got. I did. It worked. You can do it. 

My legs will not like me in the morning. But it was good to see what is possible. 

I’m a non-runner… and I run for clean water in Africa.  

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