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Your Biggest Asset in Leadership

“In addition to all the ratios and goals and parameters and bottom lines, it is fundamental that leaders endorse a concept of persons. This begins with an understanding of the diversity of people’s gifts and talents and skills.” -Max De Pree (Leadership is an Art, pp.9)

The conversation around influence and impact relegated to marketing, social media savvy, organizational structures, and sales tactics. When a successful company, organization, or church is all about people. Like De Pree said above, a diverse group of people with a variety of gifts and talents and skills.

I find it less and less enjoyable being on social media when there is a constant barrage of negativity, slander, and back biting.

All in the name of telling the truth.

Ironically, none of these people will ever meet one another and actually have an honest face-to-face conversation. People are always tough on the internet, right?

But people are the greatest assets we have in leadership, business, and life. People make a church or company go. People make a family healthy or not. Humans will raise a company to great heights or watch it fall with scandal and accusation. People will do good or evil in the world.

It’s easy when trolling the internet and interacting with people in restaurants and meeting rooms to forget these humans have a soul. They are living and God-made image bearers with desires, needs, hurts, stories, and pains. When we forget this we treat people like cogs in a machine only designed to meet my agenda or the organizations agenda.

Sadly, when we forget people are not just there to make the company go, we forget the essence of who they are is not what they do.

My great uncle was a principle in the Los Angeles Unified school district for over forty years. While being an effective administrator and leader for those many years he was good at other things too.

He was a poet and writer.

One day my father gave me a copy of a book of poems from my uncle. I read it cover to cover. They were great.

Uncle Don, was not just a leader in a school. He was an artist who loved the written word. He was a person and not just a leader trying to bring success into local schools. Don’s gifts were diverse and multifaceted.

People are complex and wrought with God-given talents, abilities, gifts, and experiences.

So what is the goal of leadership? How can a family, organization, and business thrive? Enable, encourage, and equip these diverse people with their variety of gifts and talents.

Give them space to think, create, and add their voice to the situation and project at hand.

People are your greatest asset. People are where we must give our best time, energy, development, and prayer.

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