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The War Within (A Poem)

*based on Romans 7

I am not good

not one part.

Riddled with lust, pride, envy, and strife

who will deliver this bag of bones?

Desires out of whack

inclinations aimed for death.

Goodness a mythical creature 

unfamiliar among the mortal.

I want to do good

I know what’s right.

But this earthen vessel bent and broken 

withered and bruised. 

A corpse of inconsistencies aimed 

in wrong directions, locations, and neighborhoods.

The heart wants what the heart wants

yet never satisfying and thirst quenching.

I try with all my might 

but fail with every valiant attempt.

Who will deliver me?

Who will calm the war within?

Who holds the keys

for releasing the prisoner inside?

Who can deliver me from this body of death 

and sin and evil and carbon?

Only one

The All Parts Good.

Who tasted death

and spit it out of his mouth?

Only one

a King with no rival. 

Only one

who faced the turmoil within,

that not even in death could win.

Only one 

has won the war within.

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