Bitter or Better, Rock Versus Cancer, and Some Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Someone once said when you get older you either become bitter or better. I’ve been through some stuff, as everyone has, if you live long enough. Not to the extent of some, and maybe more than others.

But nonetheless, I’m thankful, and want to choose better.

Life is short, consider your days, the Psalmist says (my paraphrase). There’s wisdom here. Every Thanksgiving we have an opportunity to reflect and be thankful for what we have. Coming to the realization life is short, and a gift.

In my honest moments most of life is good, and I have little complain about. Yeah, people are annoying, and suffering is real. But I have many moments of rightness, goodness, and joy that’s hard to put into words.

I watched a short documentary about John Grabski III. You’ve never heard of him. But he was a musician who died of cancer in 2012. Instead of becoming bitter, he became better, and made more art. Rock versus cancer, and rock was going to win for John. Worth 18 minutes of your time.

A few days after Thanksgiving the midwest was hit with a snow storm. The kid’s were off school for a few days, and we went sledding. Bitter that we’re cooped up in the house, or better, that we’re alive, and I have these sweet kid’s to enjoy, and a beautiful and gracious wife.

Life is short, I struggle with bitterness, but I want to choose better for the next 40.