Hints of Hope Podcast 005: What is Gospel-Shaped Humor?

Does the gospel change our sense of humor? Yes, and no. The transforming work of the Spirit will not give you a sense of humor which you’ve lacked since childhood so you can be the life of the party. 

But, an implication of the gospel related to humor, and one often neglected, is how we see, use, and experience humor in new and fresh ways because of God’s work in our lives.

In this episode, I explore the question of a gospel-shaped sense of humor. How does understanding sin and grace change sorrow to joy, and pain to laughter? Instead of using humor as a weapon to tear down, an ally to build up and find pathways for truth.  

Many people assume Jesus was never happy, laughed, or used humor. Man of sorrows, nothing more, nothing less. Life is serious and full of sorrow no room for comedy. True on one level. 

But when we examine the style of teaching Jesus used in the gospels it’s chock full or irony, sarcasm, and exaggeration? Why?

Humor and irony are ways of engaging someone on a different level. A way to put someone at ease, bring their guard down, so truth and redemption can find a backdoor. 

Laughter has a disarming quality making room for the deep and serious questions of life. Jesus was a master at teaching in ways using the ordinary stuff of life to say important and life altering realities. 

Jesus’ harshest words for his critics and enemies laden with irony and humor. He challenged the religious who thought their external piety and holy living would save them and bring blessings from God. It was humor that Jesus used to unravel their pietistic ways and offer an alternative for true spirituality. 

So, take a listen to the latest Hints of Hope Podcast. Tell me what you think, and your takeaway?