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My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

creative commons

creative commons

So, yeah, it’s that time of year. Netflix, cable, or whatever streaming magic you use, are riddled with Christmas/holiday movies. What are your favorites?

Sorry, Die Hard does not count as a Christmas movie.

My Top 5:

#1 Christmas Vacation

Clark W. Griswold is my inspiration for all things lights.

#2 A Christmas Story

“You’re gonna shoot your eye out…”

#3 Elf

Will Ferrell throwing snowballs at those kid’s in Central Park is funniest thing ever.

#4 Christmas with the Kranks

A friend plays a non-speaking role in the movie. Regardless, it’s an underrated Christmas flick.

#5 Home Alone

Still every kid’s dream to have your parents leave you, and have to defend the house against thieves.

What are your favorites?

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