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The Most Valuable Thing Is Our Attention

Lynda Barry is an artist and professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She wrote these words on her blog to her students:

“Dear Students,
Writing by hand on paper is becoming a revolutionary act. Reading a physical book is becoming a revolutionary act. Protecting the books in our libraries, the arts and humanities in our colleges and universities is becoming a revolutionary act. Doing things with warm hand to warm hand, face to face, without photographing them, posting them, is becoming a revolutionary act. 
Those two original digital devices you have at the end of your forearms are the means of resistance. As is eye-contact with the world instead of staring at your phone…
The most valuable thing you have is your attention.  It’s also the most valuable condition for survival of the non-digital world.
Professor SASQUATCH!”

The most valuable thing you have is your attention. 

I wonder if The Revolution will include turning off our phones, eye contact, analog expressions of art, reading, prayer, meditation, making music, writing, long conversations, long meals, play, and jumping on the trampoline with kids and grandkids?

Thanks, Lynda.

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