Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. 

Art is not confined to the fine arts (music, painting, dancing, writing, etc.). Art is expressed in human creativity whether it be leadership, building a ministry, business, new ideas, or parenting. All humans are artists and creative because they are designed from a Creator. 

Doxology: an expression of praise or glory to God. 

Art done without praise and glory and honor to God is empty. The expression of painting, solving a problem, or building a business is an opportunity to praise God for giving ordinary image-bearers the abilities to create, solve problems, parent, and image their Creator. 

Art can be a doxology in itself. I talk about the intersection of these two things.

My story... I've written, built, and created some stuff. I like to talk about what I'm writing, building, and creating... and maybe my story will help a few people.

The writing... hundreds of articles, sermons, talks, a dozen books (non-fiction and fiction), more on the way.

The building... I've started two non-profits (churches), run a small indie publishing house Rock House Publishing, and host a writing podcast.

The creating... I continue to create through leading, writing, speaking, coaching, making art, and starting new things. Okay, I like to do a lot of things.

My story is not impressive. It's all grace and predicated on a supportive backbone of family, friends, mentors, and fellow crazies. I hope I can share something helpful, useful, and serve you well. 

More important, I have a beautiful wife of almost sixteen years, and three boys who keep me honest.

Picture is a little old. We have another child and my boys are A LOT bigger! But, cool plane...

Even more important, is my life is marked by grace. The grace of Jesus who redeemed a selfish, broken, and sinful human. Everything in my life is a gift from God and not taken lightly.

That means, I want to help people in any way I can. Maybe inspire you to write that book in the drawer? Figure out the beginning of a new business or ministry? Let me know...

If I can leave the world a little better than I left it... that will be a life worth living. 

How can I help you? Drop a note below. 

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