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Hi, I'm Ryan. I write books and start things.   


Spiritual Entrepreneur

Sounds like a weird word, right? I kind of made it up. But it attempts to describe who I am, my work, and what I hope to accomplish before I die.

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business (wikipedia.com). Typically these adventures are high risk. 

Since 2005, I've designed, launched, and led two nonprofits (churches). These were not businesses, but very high risk, and taught me about the ups and downs of entrepreneurial endeavors. High risk, but the greatest rewards of my life. The reason I call myself a "spiritual entrepreneur."

I've also started three businesses (see Projects below).

These projects are not reasons to brag. My story, is my story. But in a day where entrepreneurship is the cool and trendy thing to do. I think there's something going on underneath the impulse to start new things.

Entrepreneurship has been alive and well since the beginning of time. God is the first entrepreneur because he created and sustains all things. He's not limited by time and space and never runs out of resources. 

Humans on the other hand are dependent on the canvas of creation to create, make, build, and steward the resources available to us.

If every human is made in the image of God. And God is a Creator, which makes us co-creators, reflecting our designer. We start things and take risk because it's in our DNA.

I'm nothing special and very ordinary. But I believe the impulse to build, write, create, and start things for the good of others, is a gift from God.

You may see these ideas as strange or inconsistent with what you believe. Maybe you live by another philosophy. No problem. I'm not here to judge, only to explain how I understand myself, my work, and the world.    

The spiritual entrepreneur idea also provides particular values in how I write, start things, and interact with people:

  • Everything is grace. Don't think too highly of yourself.
  • It's better to give than receive. Service mentality. 
  • Don't settle for what's ordinary, common, easy, and inside the box. There are boxes waiting to be ripped open.
  • Grit, grind, perseverance, and discipline rooted in love wins the game. 
  • You don't need a lot to have big impact.
  • Money is a poor motivator and mistress (money is not evil either). Be careful in how we define success.
  • Sacrificing relationships on the alter of your dreams is a bad idea. Family first. 

In short, I'm here to serve others in ways that connects them to their Maker, and helps them see the ways their entrepreneurial impulse can benefit others. And of course, having a lot of fun along the way!


Current Projects

Here's a brief list of projects I'm currently working on:

The Prolific Writer

The Prolific Writer podcast and website began in 2016. I started TPW as a way to give back to the writing community for the years of wallowing in uncertainty and navigating the new publishing landscape.

On the podcast, I interview some of the most prolific writers and author-preneurs on the planet hoping to inspire, educate, and encourage writers and creatives on their journey. We also offer a ton of resources related to writing, publishing, marketing, and business. 

Rock House Publishing

In 2013, I started my own independent publishing company. Currently it's mostly my books, but hoping to bring on more likeminded authors. We are building out opportunities for authors to get their work published and sent out into the world. 

Premier Wedding Pastors KC

In 2017, I started a wedding officiant business serving the Kansas City metro area. This business offers wedding officiant services to craft ceremonies that are beautiful, fun, and reflect the stories and values of our couples. We also offer pre and post marital counseling.

The primary purpose of starting PWPKC is to serve local pastors/church planters who want to start their own businesses and supplement their income and ministries. Many church leaders are stressed out from the financial burdens of working in the church. We are trying to help...

Other Projects...

  • Started and lead a great church.
  • Writing books, and more books.
  • Caring for my lovely wife, and four children. Priority number 1!



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