Ryan J. Pelton

Chief Curiosity Officer

I’m a dad who writes books, pastors a church, helps writer's with their craft, roots for the Chiefs and Clippers, prays for the ocean to move just south of Kansas City, laments the subpar Mexican food options in our midwestern urban city (Kansas City), and pretends to be a music aficionado. I've found grace and curiosity to be the key to the whole thing. Thanks for stopping by!


Here's some stuff I've created...

  • Books, I've written eighteen nonfiction and fiction books. You can find most of them on Amazon.

  • The Prolific Writer, a podcast I used to host for writer's. You can find more writing resources on the site.

  • Blog, I write about spirituality, creativity, culture, and stuff I'm thinking about, reading, and watching on the blog.

  • Newsletter (The Common Grace Project), I write a weekly newsletter, where I share essays, interesting links, writing updates, and places I see grace, and its absence.

  • Courses, I made some courses for writer's (and other subjects to come), which are hosted on Udemy.

  • Podcasts, The Prolific Writer, and the (New Project to be named later), where I follow curiosity wherever it leads.

  • Wedding Officiating / Counseling, need an officiant for your wedding, or counseling?

  • Sermons, teachings from the church I lead.


Hello, my name is Ryan J. Pelton, and I create things mostly with words. My curiosity has led me into some interesting places. If you find any of my work helpful, inspiring, or encouraging, I chock it up to grace. I've written and published eighteen popular fiction and nonfiction books, founded and pastor a church in urban Kansas City, Missouri, I used to host a writing podcast called: The Prolific Writer (new podcast coming soon), and serve couples with wedding officiating and counseling services (Premier Wedding Pastors KC). I live with my wife and four children in Kansas City, Missouri. Say hello, and connect on the Contact page.


The Common Grace Project

I write a weekly newsletter called The Common Grace Project. I share interesting links, essays, book recommendations, and things I'm pondering. If you want to stay in touch, that is the best way to go.