Ryan J. Pelton

Chief Curiosity Officer

I'm a pastor, writer, podcaster, run a couple businesses, and live with my wife and four children in Kansas City, Missouri. I also believe the whole thing runs on grace.

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I've helped plant and pastor four churches in Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, and California. I'm currently the Lead Pastor of New City Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 2012, I wrote my first book. Since I've published and written eighteen fiction and nonfiction books. I've also helped others with their craft, and through my publishing company The Prolific Writer, get their work in the world.

In 2017, I started a wedding officiant and counseling business, Premier Wedding Pastors KC. I work with a team of pastors in the Kansas City area providing officiant and counseling services to couples.

My latest project is The Common Grace Project. A website, podcast, and community dedicated to connecting grace/faith in all of life.

My Story

Born in 1979 and raised in Long Beach California. Dad was an engineer at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), mom, a manager at the Broadway (now Macy's) Clinique counter. A loving and supportive home as I figured out life under the sun.

My creative and entrepreneurial spirit kicked in early at seven or eight while stealing avocados from the neighbors tree and selling them door to door. Mowing and weeding neighbors laws. Typing out stories and newsletters on a typewriter and starting my first publishing biz. I was a curious soul and to this day still find the world an amazing place to explore.

As I got older, my creativity and love for starting things waned in middle and high school. I found myself lonely and caught up in the grip of drugs and alcohol. At the same time my parents were headed toward divorce which didn't help my situation. From all outside observers I was your average kid getting decent grades, playing sports, and yet, dying from the inside out.

But not all was lost. Before my senior year in high school I received the greatest gift of my life. I encountered the grace of Jesus Christ after driving home drunk and high for the last time. It was not instant change, but I'd be forever set on a new trajectory that I've since never recovered in all the best ways.

People call followers of Jesus many things. I like to use Grace Junkie. My life, the good and bad, past, present, and future, are all marked by grace. Despite the realities of living in a broken world, and despite my life often looking more fractured than whole, I see grace and hope pulsating through every corner of this Christ-haunted world. I pray my life and work reflect these realities.

After encountering the grace and love and forgiveness of Jesus, my life took an unexpected turn. I found myself leaving business school, to attend Bible college (Biola University), and later seminary (Calvin Theological Seminary), to be trained in theology, preaching/teaching, and church planting.

By God's grace, he's used those early seasons of hardships, pain, creativity, and entrepreneurship, to serve people in new and fresh ways. Whether planting churches, teaching the Bible, counseling, writing books, helping others grow their publishing business, or pursuing my own entrepreneurial adventures, I've come to an obvious realization: the whole thing runs on grace.


If you have a general inquiry, are looking for me to speak, help with a writing project, or need wedding/counseling services, fill out the form below. I'll respond in 24-48 hours.

Thank you

Grace and peace my friend...