Hi, I’m Ryan J. Pelton. I help motivated people take their life and art to the next level.

Life and Art...

We have one precious life. What will we make of it? Some believe life is something to endure, and others say it's random and means little. I think life is a gift. I believe your Creator designed you to be a living poem, a masterpiece bursting with purpose. So let's make some great art with our lives.

Let's not waste this one precious life.

What about the art part? You may say, "I'm not an artist." Well, according to Seth Godin, you are. Here's how he said it (from "Linchpin"):

"Art isn't only a painting. Art is anything that's creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator... Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn't matter. The intent does. Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.”

Art is personal. Art is about change. Art is about doing the courageous thing. Art is about life and relationships. Art is about you, me, and telling a better story.

I've learned in twenty years of writing, teaching, speaking, counseling, coaching, and making things... life and art are not polar opposites, and rather, dance partners. Our life and art are intertwined. Both need attention, and both need care. The contributions we make matters, the people we're becoming in the process matters.

My work in this little corner of the internet/world is to help motivated people take their life and art to the next level.

I'm a real person, and respond to every email. Please drop a line, introduce yourself, and let me know what you're working on, and how I could be of service. Email.

How Might My Work Help You?

I’ve been writing, blogging, coaching, counseling, podcasting, and teaching for the last twenty five years working with a variety of people, and in a variety of disciplines.

In my work and life the two questions I help people consider most:

1. What makes for a good life? 2. What is the art I can/must/need to bring into the world?

I believe the answers to these questions come from a variety of places and spaces. From the sacred to the secular, ancient, to modern, pop culture, to fine art, the silly, to the sublime.

My mission is to follow my curiosity wherever it leads, make connections, and provide solutions to these core questions of life:

What makes a good life? What can I offer the world?

With this in mind, my writing often focuses on themes like:

  • How to start and finish stuff?

  • How to use ancient (and modern) wisdom for a better life?

  • How to implement habits for better creativity (and life)?

  • How to use your one precious life for good in the world?

  • Tips and techniques for making better art (applicable to whatever your art form is)

  • The essential need of making and consuming beautiful things for the good of our souls, and the good of the world.

  • How to have a deeper and meaningful spiritual life, which is to say how to live a more joyful human existence.

  • I also love to reflect on pop culture (and broader cultural artifacts) and make deeper connections running under the surface.

In most cases, I work hard to write about the above themes to make them applicable to all humans regardless of age, background, or vocation. Try to find the universal threads all humans can relate to.

Most of what I write about is on the shoulders of others. I like what the Bible says about, "nothing new under the sun." I also like what artist Austin Kleon says about "stealing like an artist,":

“Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas.”

I find these ideas by staying curious, meeting and interacting with interesting people, reading and researching hundreds of books each year (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, etc) I'm in constant search of ideas whether in the disciplines of: theology, art, philosophy, science, history, film, or music. My job is then to take these findings, and share what I see. Hopefully helping the reader apply these findings to their lives in new and fresh ways.

My way of doing things is not a final word... it's "a word," or "a way," of doing things. I hope what I discover is helpful and useful. I'm not a finished product, and look forward to learning more with you along the way.

A great way to start is read an article, join the community, listen to a podcast episode, or try a course.

More About Me...

I've written a bunch of stuff:

  • 20+ fiction and nonfiction books (My latest book project).

  • I write a weekly newsletter called 7 Things @ 7. Every week at 7 PM, I share "7 things" I found interesting.

  • I've written hundreds of articles on life, creativity, and other things I find curious @Medium.

I've started some nonprofits and businesses:

  • I started three nonprofits/churches in California, Michigan, and Missouri.

  • I currently am the primary teacher and leader of New City Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • I run a wedding officiant and counseling business (Premier Wedding Pastors KC).

  • I run an AirBnb/real estate investment business.

  • I run a custom apparel business (Graceology Apparel).

Other Bits:

  • I am a former Junior Fencing champion.

  • Played in a band you've never heard of.

  • Married my high school sweetheart, and have four children (and a dog Milo).

  • I like lifting weights, watching the Los Angeles Clippers and Kansas City Chiefs, and documentaries of various kinds.