Hi. My name is Ryan J. Pelton. Glad you're here. I write, read, create, and feed an insatiable fire of curiosity. 

For the last fifteen years, I've found myself building and creating a lot of things. With each creation a deep and satisfying joy in the soul. As time passes, with every victory and failure, joy, and sorrow, I see all of life through a creative and artistic lens. Why?

I believe the world is created and designed by a Creator and Master Builder. A God who designs people with his same essence, and core, to create, build, and make. Our image-stamped humanity creates and makes because it has to. 

But I don't think the artistic and creative nature of humanity is relegated to only paint on canvas, words in books, or movement in dance. I think creativity and art are infused in every sphere of the universe. Leadership, business, marriage, parenting, engineering, hobbies, and sports (to name a few). 

I've found the need for creative and artistic solutions for everything in my life, whether it be:

Everything in life... I mean everything, needs an artists touch. Every area of life involves creative thinking and creative solutions. This art, essential for survival in life under the sun. 

So this is me. I'm what Chase Jarvis calls a hyphen. We all are, actually. We don't just do one thing, we aren't just one thing, we have many interests. We have our hands on many things, make many things, and need one essential tool for each... the touch of an artist.

Welcome to my digital playground where I explore wherever this creativity... from this Creative God... takes me. 

PS: What to expect?

  • Some quotes that inspire me.
  • Books in progress.
  • Working out ideas in my head through article writing. 
  • Videos, maybe.
  • Poems, photography, and anything else I make.