Hello, my name is Ryan, I'm glad you're here.

About Me & This Site

I’m Ryan J. Pelton, a reader, writer, creator, builder, and cultivator of curiosity. I live with my wife, and three hyper boys in Kansas City, Missouri.

Art and Doxology is my digital scrapbook of curiosity where I think out loud in a variety of arenas: art, theology, science, philosophy, history, leadership, productivity, psychology, relationships, pop culture, and whatever catches my curious eye.

I believe every human is an artist made in the image of God to create, build, think, solve problems, find solutions, and imagine a better world. Art is often narrowly defined and relegated to drawing, painting, music, and writing. I believe art correctly defined is humans doing imaginative and creative work in every arena of life and sphere of infleunce. Whether you swing a hammer, write books, take care of children, or lead a company.

I also believe we are created for something more, specifically, for Someone more. This is the doxology part. Artful living without doxology leads to conceit, sefishness, and a dead-end to nowhere. Art and imagination and building and creating without acknowledging the True Source is missing the point.

The core ethos behind Art and Doxology is not to be curious for curiosity sake. It’s to be helpful. Give you encouragement, inspiration, and tools, for artful and doxological living. 

Make you think about life’s important questions in a busy, cluttered, and noisy world. Reflect on what matters in an increasingly superficial and “live for the moment” society. 

Think about legacy and leaving a positive dent on the world. Doing lasting, creative, and good work… work that matters. Being present, loving, and trustworthy fathers, husbands, wives, mothers, sisters, brothers, co-workers, roommates, and friends.

Art and Doxology is about living artful and doxological lives... 

The Mission

I know what I described above sounds idealistic. Especially living in a day where people no longer are curious, question, think, or slow down long enough, to challenge assumptions and cultural norms, that often don’t work, and are harmful to individuals, and society at large. 

But here’s what I know, what I’m learning (which is not much). The key to living a artful, doxological, happy, and fulfilling life can’t be found primarily in money, success, power, freedom, or creativity. 

Lasting happiness comes when our identity, hopes, and lives are rooted in something outside ourselves. Let me quote theologian and writer Augustine of Hippo from his book the Confessions:

“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.” 

The seed of our restlessness and lack of joy and happiness is a search for God. We can’t put our hope in things which are temporal and going away. Our pursuit of satisfying work, identity, creative living, relationships, and legacy for our children, will crumble apart from having souls rooted in something Eternal. Lasting. Good.

In my reading, working, writing, and cultivating of curiosity, I want to find and live in the tension of the “here and now,” and the, “here and not yet.” And help others do the same.

I want to live an artful life motivated by doxology.  

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Current Projects

  • Weekly writing on this blog. I blab on here about what's swimming in my brain. Things like art, writing, family, theology, poetry, leadership, pop culture, and whatever seems interesting. Stay updated here and get a free book.
  • Writing non fiction books. I write books rooted in Christian spirituality on themes like: leadership, productivity, hospitality/evangelism, Bible meditation, spiritual habits, and discipleship. Check out my current titles here.
  • Writing fiction. About five years ago I entered a contest (NANOWRIMO) and tried my hand at fiction. I loved it and wrote a crime thriller/mystery called Antique Assassin. I've since written a four novels and shorter works under a pen name: Ryan Bennett. I am in the process of moving these books to my real name Ryan Pelton. These are not considered "Christian" novels and stories. I am just trying to tell good stories with extremely flawed characters. 
  • Leading our church. I planted a new church in 2009 called New City Church. I am privelaged to lead this congregation in urban Kansas City to follow and love Jesus. 
  • Leading my family. My most important calling is to love, care for, and serve my wife of sixteen years, and our three boys. Always an adventure!