A Poem for Creatives


Ryan J. Pelton

1/28/20241 min read

Minds of color, where dreams take flight,

Creative souls working at glow of night.

Brushstrokes of precision on canvas spun,

A symphony of imagination, never undone.

Words like mysteries in poet's pen,

Unraveling tales, from now to then.

A mosaic of thoughts, a cohesive thread,

Woven in the dreamer's mind, daily bread.

A sculptor molds emotion in clay,

Breathing life into forms, heat for display.

A fusion of mediums, a sculpted decree,

Artistry blooming, wild and free.

A musician weaving notes like an easy breeze,

Harmonies swaying like rustling trees.

Melodies born from the soul's inner plea,

An ode to the heart, forever free.

Architects of vision, building untethered,

Structures built of wonder, awe, and nasty weather.

Blueprints of genius, innovation's kiss,

Creators of cities, in endless bliss.

In the dance of creation, all minds entwine,

A hunger to make, inherited from divine design.

For the creative spirit, a boundless sea,

Endless horizons, where imagination breeds.

So let the poets dream, and the writers proclaim,

Let the musicians sing, for nothing is same.

In the work of creation, worlds align,

For in creativity's realm, we pray for more shine.

*Originally published on Medium.