Ryan J. Pelton, glad you're here, and welcome…

Southern novelist Walker Percy, when asked what he hoped his books, writings, and lectures would accomplish, he said without hesitation: "Offer the world a hint of hope."

I've borrowed this idea for my life's mission statement. May my life, work, writing, and art, be expressions and demonstrations of hints of hope. In a world and time which often feels hopeless, may I offer hints of hope, which reside outside myself, in the Person of Ultimate Hope, Jesus Christ. 

My name is Ryan J. Pelton, and I'm the founding pastor of a great church, have written fourteen books (fiction under R.J. Pelton and non fiction under Ryan J. Pelton), host a couple podcasts (for writers, and conversations about faith, life, art, and culture), write and create stuff on this site, and most importantly, husband to a beautiful woman (eighteen years), and dad of four amazing children (three boys, a girl, and a girl in heaven).

You can find me yelling at our mediocre sports teams, nurturing an Ice Tea and Diet Coke addiction, and consuming way too much BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri, where I live, read, and write.  

I love hearing from people... shoot me an email, drop a line on social media, say hello, and let me know how I can help?

Grace + Peace,