5 Benefits of Using a Book Coach to Take Your Book Project to the Next Level


Ryan J. Pelton

1/20/20243 min read

open book lot
open book lot

Most aspiring writers assume the work of writing is a solo adventure. You, pen, paper, laptop, and your characters.

You’d be wrong. Like the Beatles sang, “… gonna get by with the help of my friends.”

Writers need a friend in their corner.

Writing a book is a dream for 80% of the population. But it can be a daunting and overwhelming task. From developing a compelling idea, a plot to keep readers interested, characters with depth, and many other elements to consider.

Where do we start?

Enter a Book Coach.

A book coach is a professional who provides guidance, support, and expertise throughout the writing process. These talented folks are often fellow writers and experienced in the publishing world. They know the challenges of writing and publishing and can be the perfect complement to your next project.

Let’s explore five benefits of using a book coach moving from isolation to partnership:

1. Expert Guidance and Feedback

One of the most significant benefits of working with a book coach is the expertise they offer. A book coach has extensive knowledge and experience in the publishing industry. Often writers themselves with varying levels of success, and men and women who have walked the roads of publishing.

Working with someone who has started from nothing, and now has published and selling work, is a goldmine for the aspiring writer. You don’t know what you don’t know.

A book coach can help you refine your ideas, deepen your characters, develop your plot, and ensure that your story flows. With their expertise, they can identify areas for improvement and provide constructive feedback to help you enhance your writing skills.

Years ago, I used group coaching at a writer's conference for getting my novel in a better place, and eventually published.

2. Accountability and Motivation

Writing a book requires discipline and motivation. It's easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged along the way. A book coach acts as your accountability partner, keeping you on track and motivated to reach your writing goals.

They provide regular check-ins, set deadlines, and offer support to ensure that you stay focused and committed to your book project. Having someone to hold you accountable can make a significant difference in your productivity and help you overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Book coaches will keep you accountable and motivated.

3. Customized Writing Plan

Every writer has a unique writing process. Some write with an outline, some don’t. Many writers add daily words to the page, and others write in bursts. A book coach understands this and can help you develop a customized writing plan that suits your needs and preferences.

A coach can assist you in creating a realistic timeline, setting achievable goals, and breaking down the writing process into manageable tasks. With a customized writing plan, you can stay organized, stay on track, and make consistent progress towards completing your book.

This plan will also include what to do after your manuscript is completed. How to find a publishing avenue, promotion, etc.

4. Support and Encouragement

Writing a book can be a solitary endeavor, and it's easy to feel isolated or discouraged. A book coach provides the support and encouragement you need to keep going. They understand the challenges and frustrations that come with writing and can offer guidance and reassurance when you need it most.

Whether you're facing writer's block or experiencing self-doubt, a book coach can provide the motivation and inspiration to help you push through and continue writing.

This, for my money, is one of the better benefits for getting the help of a book coach. You don’t have to go it alone.

5. Publishing and Marketing Guidance

Once you've completed your book, the journey doesn't end. The changing tides of publishing can be overwhelming. A book coach can provide valuable guidance on publishing and marketing options.

They can help you navigate the world of publishing, whether you choose traditional publishing or self-publishing. They can also assist you in creating a marketing plan to promote your book and reach your target audience. With their expertise, you can increase your chances of success and make informed decisions about the publishing and marketing aspects of your book.

Working with a book coach can be incredibly beneficial for aspiring authors. I’ve been on both sides of the partnership and can’t say enough.

From expert guidance and feedback to accountability and motivation, a book coach can help take your book project to the next level. They provide the support, encouragement, and expertise needed to navigate the writing process and increase your chances of success.

We all need a little help from our friends…

So, if you're serious about writing a book, consider hiring a book coach and embark on your writing journey with confidence. Here is one place to start.

*Originally published on Medium.